Raleigh Drain Cleaning Companies

Other than being an inconvenience, clogged drains can lead to property damage and pose a hazard to your health if left unaddressed. Most homeowners will first try to clean a clogged drain with a plunger. However, when plunging fails, it is time to seek professional drain cleaning services. With so many Raleigh drain cleaning companies, what makes us stand out? We provide timely services and always keep our word, which many drain cleaning companies in Raleigh NC do not do.

Professional Drain Cleaning

We have the right tools and experience to promptly determine the cause of a plumbing blockage and address it without posing further damage to the drainpipe in your home. By choosing to work with professional Raleigh drain cleaning companies, you will not only solve your issue over the short term. Professional drain cleaning services result in cleaner and healthier drains that will function better in the long term.

Our Drain Cleaning Process

When you contact us, here is what you should expect:

Clog Assessment

Most clogs form due to the accumulation of organic drains like food scraps, soap scum, hair, and other dirt particles inside the drain. Naturally occurring minerals could also build up on the pipes, especially if your home has hard water. The first step for drain cleaning companies in Raleigh NC is to assess the condition of the drain. We rely on camera inspection to determine the exact location of the blockage.

Clog Removal

Our drain-cleaning experts will get to work after identifying the cause of the clog. There are several ways of removing clogs. One of the common methods is the use of a cable machine, which involves using a thin cable that is extended into the drain to break up the clog.

Other Drain Cleaning Methods

Other than the use of a cable machine, our other drain cleaning methods include:
  • Hydro-jetting
  • Drain auger
  • Chemical drain cleaners


You need clean and efficient sewer lines and drains for a comfortable, healthy, and efficient home. If you need professional drain cleaning services, Out the Door Plumbing stands out from all Raleigh drain cleaning companies.