Faucet Repair & Home Fixture Installation

Faucet Repair & Replacement

It is essential that faucets be installed accurately, so that their degree of functionality matches the effort put into their installation. Placing the spout in a slightly off-center position will eventually result in a leak, which in turn will cause water damage. Our plumbers ensure that your faucet works properly, looks good, and that you have little to do to fix it in the future. From the placing of the washers right up to the tightening of the screws, attention to detail during the installation process ensures that your faucet operates as it should and will last a long time.

Toilet Clogs and Repair

Our professional plumbers use various methods to quickly unclog a toilet. We have the correct tools such as augers that will, that will unclog your toilet quickly. Bathrooms are often tight places.  We carefully work to restore functionality while protecting the surfaces in the room.

Dishwasher Installation

Proper installation of a dishwasher is very important to have an efficient kitchen set up. It is necessary to place the dishwasher in the right spot without any leaks as it can ruin your cabinets and flooring. It must be placed level to ensure that the dishwasher runs correctly and all the components drain properly. Water supply and drainage parts must be calibrated so the machine works efficiently and there are no malfunctions. By placing the hoses in the right spot and properly secured in place, water supply and drainage lines won’t leak or cause problems, which is why it’s so important to have a well-installed dishwasher for an efficient and stress-free kitchen.